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Today I welcome Tony Miller author of I'll See You In Your Dreams.

VH: If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be and why?

TM: To think and speak in specifics not generalizations. Men are _____is always untrue, women are _____is always untrue, and people are _____is always untrue. Specifically which man…which woman? Generalizations are evil, including that one.

VH: When you put it like that, yes, I can see how generalizations can be harmful. 

If you could go back in time to when you were seven years old, what wisdom or advice would you pass on to yourself?

TM: I loved being seven years old! I recall it being the best time. I was so optimistic at seven. Back then happiness consisted of learning, accomplishing, and realizing something. I remember a neighbor lady teaching me how to plant a seed. When it grew into a bush I recall her saying I had a green thumb. I felt a great since of accomplishment and pride in myself. I would say the advice I would pass on to myself is to listen and learn from those who have traveled before you that have gained wisdom.

VH: At what age were you the happiest? What triggered such joy?

TM:  Again I would say seven years old. An older, wiser person taught me how to do something and I realized I had gained a skill. I loved the fact that I had gained wisdom and that I had made my mentor very happy. When you succeed, you help all those that help you succeed. This gave me great joy. 

VH: Indeed. Thank you Tony.
Charlie was a ghost hunter who didn’t really believe in ghosts, but he believed in the effect being a ghost hunter had on girls. He thought he had perfected the ultimate pick up line, “I’m a ghost hunter.” All that came crashing down when he met his soul mate…a ghost. 
One night while photographing an old Victorian mansion, he was startled to meet the ghost of Anne Meux. She died in 1970 at age 85. She was now only 25 and beautiful. Charlie was soon engulfed in a riveting conversation. Who was she? Where was she? What was she doing in her old room? 
At the end of a long conversation, she suddenly had to go. He had a question for himself. Why was he madly in love with an apparition or worse a hallucination? If she was in a parallel universe could he bring her back to this universe? He had an overwhelming desire to get some questions answered. He needed his best friend, Stanley, the smartest guy he knew. Stanley was working on his PHD in Physics so surely he could figure this out.
Stanley was intrigued and agreed to help his best friend. As a physicist, Stanley was well aware of parallel universes and the duality of the universe. There is always two of anything that can exist. 
Stanley was convinced that science and religion were two sides of the same coin. The dogma in both seemed to prevent the ultimate discovery of truth. He enjoyed asking the curious. “Since space was created by the big bang…what did it go bang in? Or if God created it all by saying, ‘Let there be light!’ Who was he talking to?” And the ultimate question. “What was there just before the bang or Gods command?” The same answer.

Tony Miller started the pursuit of his dreams in Texas at the age of 17. He wrote poems and a third of a novel that got lost over time. At 21 Tony moved to California to become a hairstylist. He dreamed of styling the hair of celebrities and owning his own successful business. Tony fulfilled those dreams and more. 

Throughout the years he listened to his many clients’ points of view and enjoyed writing about them and how they overcame the obstacles to their dreams. Tony has always been passionate about research and discovering little known facts that make life what it really is. 

Tony hopes to be successful as a writer, so that he may help his friends and his dreams come true. There is an old saying; “get what you want, by helping others get what they want” seems to be true. Writing is a tool for Tony to help others overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and make their dreams come true.  

Tony Miller's first novel is "I'll See You In Your Dreams" and he is currently writing the sequel, "Dream Sleuth."

Note from the author:
I love historical novels. So, I wanted to write a novel that used true facts and real science to make a believable story. I wanted my book to help the reader realize that almost impossible obstacles can be overcome and that what seems the end can be a new beginning. 

What makes “I’ll See You In Your Dreams” a worthy read is the research behind it. I have spent many years researching psychopaths. I studied their attributes extensively anew to make my antagonist believable. I have a very good bad guy. More importantly, I have very believable protagonists. The characters are based on real people. 

The book originated as I sat in my recliner watching ‘The Parallel Universe’ on the History Channel and pondering my first novel. So I combined a love story, ‘The Parallel Universe,’ and a ghost story. I used true stories I have gleaned from my clients in 40 years as a hairstylist. I researched in detail all the historical facts and metaphysical and laws of physics.

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02/26/2013 9:43am

Hi Tony---Just a word of congratulations on your debut novel! I would say that you met your goal of a bestselling author--looks like it's continuing to do well after your promo. Van speaks highly of you---here to help if I can.....great interview, 7 was a cool age—old to know better and still do the wrong thing—just because you could! Van has a way as you know of pulling the best out of us...

02/26/2013 12:39pm

Hi Paul, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very proud of Van and his accomplishments as a writer. I appreciated the opportunity to do his "Three Questions with Van Heerling" interview. I also appreciate your offer of help.

02/08/2014 1:23am

You gave honest ideas there. I did a search on the issue and got most peoples will agree with your blog.


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