The Scourge of the Earth

The Human race is the scourge of the Earth.
We maim and destroy in the name of self-indulgence and profits.
  We hunt the exotic not for resource, but for sport.
  We murder our own seemingly without much thought.
  We leave not fertile seeds pressed within our booted trails, but ruin and despair.
  When humanity extinguishes itself, the Earth will be in rot.

But not all will be lost.
    She shall heal herself, just in time for our
second coming.
    But when I look into my son’s eyes I see only greatness and love.

Oh, how far we fall.



03/19/2012 14:23

Your book looks really fascinating. Well done blog!

10/11/2013 16:37

Just reading up on some of this lately, was interesting.


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